Food and Beverages to Avoid during Pregnancy


Food to avoid during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most delicate and vital period of women’s life. Therefore, it is most important to take care and follow a strict diet that is suitable during the days of pregnancy. It simply means that, paying proper attention on what you are eating, and also making sure of avoiding harmful beverages and food items not suitable for you. Certain beverages and food items should only be consumed rarely, while some of them should be completely avoided during pregnancy. Here are some examples of beverages and food items should be avoided during your pregnancy.

Beverages and foods to be avoided:

  • Avoid the intake of high mercury fish. Mercury is highly toxic ingredient. It has no known safe level of exposures and is mostly found in polluted water substances. Well, in higher amount, it might be damaging the nervous system, the immune system and the kidneys too.
  • Since it is observed in most of polluted seas, lager amount of fish living in that type of ocean contains high amount of mercury level. There are many different types of fish that contains high mercury level like shark, tuna and Swordfish.
  • Consuming low mercury fish during your pregnancy is very healthy and this type of fish can be eaten up for say two times a week. It helps in providing omega 3 that is considered important for the baby.
  • It is advisable of not eating raw fish or shellfish because it might be contaminated from parasites and bacteria. Whole some of them can cause adverse effects to the health of the mother and can harm up both the mother and the unborn baby too.
  • It also includes many of the sushi dishes that contain the raw fish ingredient not suitable for pregnant women. Eating raw meat or undercooked meat increases the rate of infection from several bacteria that has proved harmful for pregnant women.
  • Hot dog, deli meat and lunch meat are also subject matters to harmful food stuffs for pregnant women. These type of meat might become infected with various and different types of bacteria during its storage and processing.
  • Bottom line is raw meat or undercooked meat might contain harmful bacteria. It is not to eat it at all, but it is advisable of cooking it well and avoiding the raw part of it. Raw eggs should be avoided during pregnancy because it might be contaminated by salmonella, that might lead to sickness and an increased risk of stillbirth or premature baby is more.
  • Instead of that, pregnant women can go for pasteurized eggs that can be used for increasing the metabolite power. Organ meat is food stuff should be avoided during pregnancy. Organ meat helps in improving and is a great source of vitamin B12, copper, vitamin A and iron. It is advisable to limit the intake or=f organ meat that is harmful for them.
  • Pregnant women should limit their intake of caffeine to 200 mg a day. That is approximately 2 to 3 cups a day of coffee. High intake of caffeine during pregnancy might limit the fetal growth and even cause low birth weight of your baby.

Ayurveda Tips for Skin Aging

Girl applying Skin Aging paste

Ayurveda Skin Aging tips

Anxiety and stress are two of the big reasons for facing skin aging. It seems a problem for one and all. Blame it on the junk food, the eating habits and incompatible diets. Even environmental impinge; modernized sedentary ways of living and food adulteration are also considered to be important factors of accelerating the speed of skin aging. The signs of skin aging have become deluding and obvious these days. If you are going through skin aging phase, you will observe certain symptoms like early greying of hair, dark circle below the eyes, wrinkled and dry skin, over weight and flabby skin. Before you plan to undergo any cosmetic or synthetic means for skin aging, grab the knowledge about the benefits of Ayurveda. Ayurveda offers you with healthy and beautiful skin that helps in slowing down the process of skin aging.

Tips on skin aging:

When the sign of physical and mental deterioration is observed, it seems to hamper of slow down the process of skin aging. Ayurveda offers best results but the results are slow. Basically, Ayurveda emphasis more on the following a proper diet and lifestyle. Exercise, normal lifestyle and adequate amount of sleep are considered to be the core aspects in Ayurveda.

Diet Ayurveda tips for skin aging:

Great focus is made by Ayurveda on imbibing the right balance of exercise, sleep and diet. These three factors lead a great way for keeping your healthy, vibrant and happy in all the stages of life. Ayurveda suggests the daily food intake should preferably have hygienic and freshly cooked food, easily digestive and appealing to your taste buds.

Minimizing the intake of fried foods, spicy meals, caffeine rich food items and cold drinks is advisable for reducing the effects of skin aging. Nutritious and vegetarian Ayurveda cuisine is available for not facing the situation of skin aging.

Lifestyle Ayurveda tips for skin aging:

Including optimum exercise time zone in your daily routine is advisable while opting Ayurveda tips for reducing skin aging. Exercise offers and helps to keep you more active, elastic and away from systematic aliments. Keep in mind about your tolerance level and strength and opt for that exercise that is suitable to your health and physic. A rough walk of miles early in the morning is a better option of exercise.

Performing Yoga and pranayama are fruitful for making yourself stress free and healthy. Deep breathing techniques sound to be a great help for keeping your kin glowing and healthy. The reason behind reducing skin aging is due to better lifestyle. Because of these exercises, internal massage of all the vital organs gets improved and offers secretions of endocrine glands.

Making yoga as a habit and repeating it daily offers you to be still young and graceful. Learning best yoga techniques helps you in managing your lifestyle that is especially designed for skin aging. Yoga helps in keeping mind as well as body to be relaxed and stress free while facing the situation of skin aging.




Steps of Properly Brushing your Teeth

Women Brushing her Teeth

Brushing your Teeth tips

Use the most of the time you spend on oral care. The importance of brushing your teeth on a daily base will help you knowing its benefits. Only brushing your teeth is not important. We all are in a hurry to rush to the office but brushing your teeth in a right ways will take hardly 10 minutes of your day. Don’t know you are brushing in a right way or wrong one? If not brushing your teeth in a correct way, you are not taking careful steps for taking care of your teeth. From making the circular movements, using the brush to the cleaning of tongue, it is all important for not facing any gum bleed issues in future.

Simple step by step guide for ensuring the accurate way of brushing your teeth are described:

  1. First step is to purchase and buy a tooth brush that has soft nylon bristles. It should easily fit in your hand and should be comfortable enough while using. Brush should be small in size that can reach to all extend in your mouth. Natural Bristle brushes should be avoided because it can cause harbor bacteria in your mouth.
  2. The current tooth brush is worn out and not in a good condition, replacing it should be done immediately. It is advisable of replacing a tooth brush automatically after every four months.
  3. Tooth paste containing the ingredient namely fluoride is beneficial while brushing your teeth. It helps in cleaning your teeth correctly and strengthens your enamel. If you are not oaky with it, find the tooth paste suitable to your teeth and mouth.
  4. Flossing is important before brushing your teeth. It helps in cleaning and removing any food between the teeth and from the cracks. Floss helps in opening the space to brush and clean well.
  5. Don’t use too much of tooth paste while brushing your teeth. Squeeze approximately a pea sized paste to encourage your process of cleaning your teeth.
  6. It is important to note the measurements of brushing your teeth. Place the tooth brush at 45 degree to the gum line. Brushing your teeth in upward position is a right way. Brushing side by side should be avoided. It can harm your teeth and might not even clean it properly.
  7. Spend at least 4 minutes for brushing your teeth. It helps in cleaning your mouth equally from all the corners and sections of the mouth.
  8. Don’t forget to brush the top surface and the back of the teeth. Brushing the tongue is equally important, doesn’t brush it hard but be gentle while doing it.
  9. Rinse the mouth thoroughly after brushing your teeth. It is important to cover the head of your tooth brush for not spoiling or getting damaged.
  10. Using a mouthwash is also helpful for enjoying a fresh and refreshing morning with best way of brushing your teeth. Selecta mouth wash that is suitable to your mouth.


Effects of Doing Aerobics Daily

Effects of Doing Aerobics DailyWant to get perfectly well and fit? Than mark my words, aerobics is considered to be your jam which you can definitely go for. And if you are thinking that doing daily basis aerobics is going to harm up your body than you are totally thinking in a wrong direction. I mean there are many effects of doing aerobics daily which you can get if you are complying with this. But there are certain criteria which you need to take in to account while going for having aerobics like the age, the food which you are taking in, your health, your weight which you have gained or which you want to lose, etc. and many such of the factors which can be at the core subject while going for the process or accepting aerobics to be your daily routine course.

The further details will help you in knowing for the effects of doing aerobics daily which you can go for. Let me tell you that going for aerobics daily will help you in many ways which can be totally described to you in detailed manner. There are many different effects of doing aerobics daily which you can go for like keeping your weight in control, increasing your stamina, increasing your metabolism, giving your or providing you with fit body, etc. and many more of the options which you can go for calling as the effects of doing aerobics daily.

Effects of doing aerobics daily

  • The very most common type of effect which you can have is the weight. Yes, with the help of aerobics your weight would be in total control and you would actually feel of getting and losing up your weight more.
  • Well, frankly speaking there are many effects of doing aerobics daily which you can go for in your routine life and amongst them one is increase in your stamina. Many times we feel like we are tired of doing nothing but with the help of aerobics you can get easily rid of this and increase up your stamina level which is considered to be good for your health.
  • Not only that, with the help of the effects of doing aerobics daily you health will be maintained in a positive manner. There are many such of the diseases which can be solved with the help of aerobics like high blood pressure, heart disease; the matters of obesity, etc. and many such diseases which you can be easily get ruined with the help of having aerobics to be daily in your routine life.
  • Increasing your metabolism is considered to be other effects of doing aerobics daily which you can definitely get the access over. If you are not interested in lifting up any of the weights than you can definitely go for the running and other things like dancing and exercise which can be considered to be good for your health too.
  • Not only that, it also helps in keeping your inner body perfect. The veins, arteries, etc. which are needed to be in a perfect condition so that the flow of the blood can easily reach to each and every part of your body.


Tips on Whitening your Teeth at Home

Tips on Whitening your Teeth at HomeIt is not considered to be a compulsion that you need to go for the doctor for getting your teeth to be whitened. You can get whitened your teeth at home also which is considered to be more elastic and favourable for the person. Not only that, it is also considered to be cheap of complying with the process of whitening your teeth at home because if you will concern the dentist than he will charge up his fees as he is being professional but if you will go for complying with the process of whitening your teeth at home than it is going to be beneficial for you because as such no expenditure will take place. Mark my words, the further discussed information will help you in getting the prefect analysis of the things which you need in the matters of going for whitening your teeth at home.

Well, there are many tips which can help you in going for whitening your teeth at home which you can easily comply with as the things which you are going to need are easily available at your home. Let me inform you that al the tips are being naturally used which can help you in not getting with any of the side effects. Make the use of strawberries, flossing your teeth regularly, make the use of baking soda, etc. and many more of the things which are considered to be important and which can be considered to be the tips on whitening your teeth at home.

Tips on whitening your teeth at home

  • The most common type of tip which you can go for easily at your home at the time of complying with the process of whitening your teeth at home is the use of strawberries. It is being scientifically proved that strawberries helps in making your teeth whitened because it comprise of vitamin C and malic acid which helps you teeth is getting white. You can go for mashing few of the strawberries and applying or rubbing the mixture on your teeth for twice a week will prove you up with the results. Not only that but you can also allow it to chew and getting it brushed on its own.
  • Take a bowl and get the mixture of lemon and baking soda. Baking soda helps you in making those dull teeth again whitened and if lemon is being added to it than it is going to impress you up with its results. It is also considered to be one of the most popular type of natural remedies which you can consider as the whitening your teeth at home. Both the ingredients are considered to be supper effective for the users who are planning of using it for their teeth.
  • Another tip which can help you in going for whitening your teeth at home is flossing your teeth. Many of the dentists suggest of using floss because it helps in your teeth to be freshen and perfect while going for it twice a day which is considered to be in the benefits of the individual.

3 Unexpected Reasons of Drinking More Water

Unexpected Reasons of Drinking More WaterWater is considered to be important factor which is considered to be compulsion by the individual to provide up to your body. Well, we all know that our body contains 60% or more of water which is considered to be something huge in amount right? Not only that but all know that which benefits are availed to us when we take the intake of water, but I’m pretty much sure that you might be not knowing about the unexpected reasons of drinking more water. Yes, it is considered to be very much healthy of getting to know about the unexpected reasons of drinking water which you can definitely go for. Well, if you will ask me than I would say that there are many unexpected reasons of drinking more water which you can go for your body.

The further discussion will help you in getting to know about the unexpected reasons of drinking more water which you can go for. for instance let me help you out with some of the examples about the unexpected reasons of drinking more water like it helps you in balancing the fluid intake in your body, more clearer skin, the functioning of kidneys will be perfect, etc. and many more of the reasons which you can consider as the unexpected reasons of drinking more water.

Unexpected reasons of drinking more water

  1. Functioning of kidney

Water consumption is considered to be helpful for the individual in getting all the things oin its place. There are many things which can be solved up just by taking the intake of water which can help you in getting and solve up your diseases. I know you might be thinking that water can be considered to be medicine? But yes, in fact water is considered to be natural healing ingredient which is helpful for the individual in many matters. We can take the functioning of kidneys, our kidneys works for transporting the waste of our body and for this water is considered to be one of the ingredients which helps the body in making this waste transport in faster manner.

  1. More clearer skin

Well, there are certain toxics present in our body which makes our skin more dull and inflame which we can say that in simple words damages our skin. This affects our skin on a large base and for this the role or the reasons of drinking more water comes in to action. Water helps the toxics which are being clogged in our body to release up and flow out of our body which helps in keeping the skin clearer and fresh.

  1. Calorie control

Another thing which can help you in getting and knowing with the unexpected reasons of drinking water is, it helps in controlling and losing of weight. I know you might be frisking with your weight and the diet which you are going through, but forget all this and with the help of water you can easily go for losing your weight. Well, the simple reason behind this is water helps the individual in feeling full and this will help them in not eating much of food as they are already full.

How To Stop And Reduce Hair Fall

Hair lossAll the girls have this dream of having long, healthy and beautiful locks. Hairs are the considered as the most crowning glory for any girl. When girls see their glory or their most prized possession falling, it is a big deal for them. Hair fall has become most irritable and nagging problem these days. Hair fall is such a common problem which affects almost every second person around you. And hence if you are having problem of hair fall you don’t need to worry much as you are not the only person having this trouble. Women’s associate hair with their beauty and thus even though hair fall is not painful but it is very stressful thing. There is no person in the world who wants to go bald or look old at very young age. You might have seen lots of strands of hairs coming into your comb or brush while you comb your hair and this can be really tough to see your hairs coming out just like that. Cool yourself down as losing 100 strands of hairs is very much normal but if it is more than that it can be matter of issue and you really need to work hard to stop your hair fall. Here are some of the causes and remedies of hair fall.

Causes of hair fall

  • Unhealthy and improper diet habits
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Scalp disorder, alopecia and dandruff
  • Stress and tension
  • Excessive usage of chemicals through hair styling treatments and hair colorings
  • Lack of useful ingredients in the body

If you are really stressed because of some of the reason than to get rid of that stress you should try doing meditation. You can also try yoga or deep breathing exercises to get rid of tension and getting rid of tension will also result in getting rid of hair fall. Also try and get an adequate sleep at night to be stress free and lessen your hair fall.  If there is any underlying medical issue then it should be taken care of as increase in that will increase your hair fall and you can also go bald which you definitely don’t want to happen.

Tips to control hair fall

  • You must use a wide-toothed comb as it will be very gentle and easy to detangle your hairs and then you can use your regular comb to style your hairs according to ones need. This will definitely reduce hair fall and hair breakage.
  • It is advisable to not to comb your hairs when it is wet as the chances of hair breakage will increase if you comb in wet hairs. Let your hairs be dry or at least semi dry before you comb your hairs.
  • Try and don’t rub your hairs rigorously with towel. This can cause unwanted hair fall and hair breakage. It can even break your strong hairs and make rest of your hairs rough.
  • Keep your comb clean. Clean it every week as dirty comb can also be one of the reason of hair fall.
  • Hot oil treatment can be considered for reducing hair fall.


Natural Fat Burning Foods

Natural Fat Burning FoodsDo you want to shed the extra pounds and beat the flab as naturally as you can? Well, obesity has become a major issue for almost 40% of the world population these days and thousands of people around the world are looking for ways to regain their lean figure. Weight loss supplements have captured a huge market at present and are doing great business but you need to understand that the best way to lose weight is to do it naturally. You might not be aware but there are some foods that will actually help you to burn fat naturally. They spike your metabolism and also eliminate the toxins that make it difficult for your body to shed the unwanted pounds.

Whole grains are a great choice for all those who want to lose weight naturally. You body will burn twice as many calories for breaking down whole grains, especially the ones that are rich in fiber like brown rice and oatmeal. Lean meat will also help you to burn your body fat at a faster rate. Lean meats are protein sources and protein has high thermogenic effect. So, when you consume lean meats you will burn around 30% of the calories that the food contains when you digest it. So, if you eat a 300 calorie laden chicken breast, 90 calories will be needed to break it down.

Low fat dairy products are also leading fat burning foods. These products are rich in Vitamin D and Calcium and help in preserving and building muscle mass. This is important for maintaining robust metabolism. For all health conscious people, green tea is an excellent beverage choice. A person who drinks four cups of green tea daily will lose up to six pounds in a couple of months. Lentils and hot peppers will also help you to lose weight naturally.

Foods To Reduce Cholesterol

Reduce CholesterolMany people have the misconception that the diet to reduce cholesterol is mainly liquid in nature. This is completely wrong because there are numerous foods that you can consume which have very low percentage of cholesterol. One thing that you need to remember is that cholesterol should not be ignored completely either. A minimum of 100 milligrams of cholesterol should be consumed every day to keep the body healthy and fit. However most of te times it’s the reduction of cholesterol that’s the issue with us. You may ask which diet would be the best if you want to decrease the cholesterol level. Given below are some options that you can choose from:

• Vegetables, rice meat- these three are most important for your diet. However this does not mean that the meat will be cooked with too much oil and spices. It should be simple enough with nothing much. This would give the body a balanced diet for the whole day. Having these three for lunch will be the best. This will also keep fat away from your body.

• Soup should be one item that should be immediately added to the daily diet if you want your cholesterol to be in control or reduce in the coming days. Soups can be of different types but for those who want to reduce cholesterol, minestrone soup is highly recommended. Bread can be a great company with the soup that you will consume. A bowl of soup not only reduces the cholesterol level but also increases the daily nutrition content for the human body.

• Salads and sandwiches are other options to reduce the cholesterol level from the body. A few cucumbers can also do for a plate of salad but what about sandwiches? Chicken sandwich is always preferable in this but there should be low fat mayonnaise in and not the regular mayonnaise. This will also reduce the fat percentage and can be a wholesome food for the day.

Reduce Joint Aches

Reduce Joint AchesJoint aches are a very common phenomenon among people of the upcoming generation. Not only is joint pain a very common thing seen in aged but of late the younger generation too is prone to this periodical aches in different joints in their body.

One very important aspect to get rid of joint aches is to follow the elimination diet. In this form of dieting some foods are completely discarded from the diet of an individual till the joint ache goes or reduces and then gradually one by one these food items are slowly introduced back to the diet again. Chilli peppers have this substance in them called capasaicin which enables the release of endorphin from the body which helps to encapsulate and relieve the person from joint aches.

Joint aches can happen due to a lot of reasons, common reasons being- arthritis, sprains, gouts, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid, strains, bursitis or other injuries. In some elderly people joint aches happen due to the drying of the lubrication of the joints and the bone marrow. Joint pains are real difficult to deal with. They can be acute and can last for weeks or they can be chronic and continue to pain for months at a stretch. Showing a doctor will help you figure out the cause for which the pain is happening and thus intensive care can be focussed on that particular thing itself.
As far as medicines are concerned a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory capsule can be taken, these include naproxen, Ibuprofen and aspirin. These drugs however are not so readily available in the market due to increased risks of strokes and cardiac arrests.

Joint pains are sometimes even more enhanced during cold weather. Dehydration causes muscle cramps thus drinking lots of water is the quick solution. Keeping warm on cold days is another way to reduce joint aches considerably.