Can supplements make you tall?

supplements to groe taller, health tipsOne of the best supplements that you can use for increasing your height is vitamin A. they are very important when it comes to the development and growth of the bones in your body. Vitamin B complex is also a very good supplement for your growth hormones. This is a vitamin that is composed of a combination of as many as eight vitamins and they are highly effective when it comes to getting the height of the body boosted.

They have components like folic acids and niacin. They can be consumed through supplements but if you are not too keen on taking supplements, you can eat chicken, bananas and nuts for the particular vitamin. Another essential nutrient that you will need for your body growth is vitamin C. it is vitamin that adds to the immune system of the body. Therefore, with the right kind supplements, your body growth can be increased.

An overview on how to combat breast cancer

breast cancer, woman healthEveryday innumerable numbers of people are dying from breast cancer. Cancer is one of the most feared diseases today and can change the patient’s life forever. Cancer is life threatening if not detected in its early onset and most of the times the symptoms are not recognized until it is too late and by then the chances of survival are low.

Those who want to make sure that they do not suffer from breast cancer have to follow a few rules that can save them in the long run. Checking for any hard tumors or clot in the breast is the first step and can be done at home. Also those who have a family history of breast cancer should get a mammography done after mid age at regular intervals of time. Any suspicious lumps or discoloration on the upper half of the body should immediately be consulted with a doctor.

Taking Care of Yourself after Knee Surgery

Knee Surgery, health careIf you are recovering from a knee surgery, there are a few things which you can try out at home to recover faster with least amount of pain. You should apply hot and cold packs on the knee when you are at home. You might not have a lot of strength in your knees so moving around and sitting down could be a hindrance. That’s why you need to start practicing walking around at home. You could use some support and gain back your strength gradually. Healing from knee surgery can be a slow process so have patience.

You should also take some prescribed painkillers to keep the pain under control. Take garlic and ginger based food daily along with honey and warm water as well. These elements have great healing properties which might help in faster recovery. Take a nutritious diet and also increase your protein and calcium intake. Do the exercises which have been prescribed to you by your doctor.

Tips to take care of your spine

Spine care, body careThere are a few things that you have to do in order to make sure that your spine is in good condition. It is important that you take care of your posture. It is very important that you sit straight so that you can have a good and healthy spine. Then, it is also very important that you have a proper sleeping style.

Spine pain may be caused by sleeping in the wrong way. Then, you should also not lift heavy things without the proper posture. You should bend your knees every time you are picking up something heavy from the ground. Then, you should not work sitting on your feet for a prolonged time. Then, you should also not use mattresses of inferior quality just to save some money as that can adversely affect your back bone. Take ample exercise regularly and go for brisk walks so that you maintain your backbone.