How To Get Rid Of Dark Circle Using Cucumber

Reduce Dark Circle, skin careDark circles occur normally under the eyes and can be very embarrassing and annoying. But they are not a matter of serious medical concern. Still whenever you get dark circles, you should take it seriously to do away with these dark circles seriously. There are many cosmetic products in the market which can cure this dark circle problem. At least most of them claim to do so. But then these products are very much expensive and may not be affordable for everyone.

In such cases, you can go for the homemade solutions to treat the dark circles. Cucumber a very good skin treatment component can remove the dark circles when used for a specific period of time. You can grind the juice of the cucumber and apply it to your face and leave it as it for a few hours so that the skin can absorb it completely. After that, wash the skin with water only. Doing this for two weeks or more can remove the dark circles completely from under your eyes.

Lemon for hair health

hair care, benefits of lemonLemon is said to be very helpful and an essential items in the proper growth of hair. All people be it men or be it women are very much possessive about hair. They use a wide variety of products from shampoo to conditioners to other cosmetic products to make their hair look beautiful and attractive. But then some of these products contain harmful products which ultimately lead to the deterioration of hair quality and volume.

Lemon is this respect can prove to be really helpful in maintaining a healthy hair quality and good volume of hair. You can use lemon juice diluted with water and apply it to your hair after shampooing; it will give a glow and shine to your hair. Also the quality of your hair will improve. Applying lemon juice to the scalp will make it stronger thereby doing away with the chances of hair fall and dandruff problem which is one of the major problems faced by a majority of people.

So, rather than using cosmetic products for your hair, try using natural therapies including lemon, that will make your hair beautiful and attractive.

Causes of low libido in women

Low libido seems to be common in women and according to surveys, nearly 40 percent of women suffers from low libido issues. The write up here offers an insight on the major causes of low libido in women.

First of all, there are some prescription medications like blood pressure or anti-depressant drugs which can badly affect the sex drive in women. Then, an irregular lifestyle soaked in over consumption of alcohol and too much of recreational drugs could greatly impose bad effects on libido leading to reduced sex drive. Unhealthy diet and lack of proper workout would affect hormone & energy levels that would further reduce the feeling of libido in women.

Besides, women tend to experience low libido during illnesses. Exhaustion could also suppress your desire for sex. The multiple responsibilities both at home & workplace drain away the energy level in women leaving them tired and decreasing libido.

Top 3 Ways To Quit Smoking

quit smoking, health care tipsSmoking is one of the main leading causes of lung cancer. In one cigarette there are about 300 different chemicals like carbon monoxide, tar, etc. which cause our lungs to get affected severely. Long time chain smokers are sure to have one or more respiratory problems like asthma or bronchitis. If you have failed to quit smoking after trying again and again, here are some simple tips which might help you.

• Chew gum. Whenever you have the urge to smoke, chew gum, and drink plenty of water. You will see that that sudden requirement for a puff has declined.
• Engage yourself in various activities such as dancing, sports or just simply work out at the gym. This will distract you and you will also gain back your lost stamina which is an important factor to maintain and you will remember that smoking will take that away from you.
• Try nicotine gums and patches for some extra help.
Follow these tips and you’ll be able to get rid of smoking eventually.