Natural Fat Burning Foods

Natural Fat Burning FoodsDo you want to shed the extra pounds and beat the flab as naturally as you can? Well, obesity has become a major issue for almost 40% of the world population these days and thousands of people around the world are looking for ways to regain their lean figure. Weight loss supplements have captured a huge market at present and are doing great business but you need to understand that the best way to lose weight is to do it naturally. You might not be aware but there are some foods that will actually help you to burn fat naturally. They spike your metabolism and also eliminate the toxins that make it difficult for your body to shed the unwanted pounds.

Whole grains are a great choice for all those who want to lose weight naturally. You body will burn twice as many calories for breaking down whole grains, especially the ones that are rich in fiber like brown rice and oatmeal. Lean meat will also help you to burn your body fat at a faster rate. Lean meats are protein sources and protein has high thermogenic effect. So, when you consume lean meats you will burn around 30% of the calories that the food contains when you digest it. So, if you eat a 300 calorie laden chicken breast, 90 calories will be needed to break it down.

Low fat dairy products are also leading fat burning foods. These products are rich in Vitamin D and Calcium and help in preserving and building muscle mass. This is important for maintaining robust metabolism. For all health conscious people, green tea is an excellent beverage choice. A person who drinks four cups of green tea daily will lose up to six pounds in a couple of months. Lentils and hot peppers will also help you to lose weight naturally.

Foods To Reduce Cholesterol

Reduce CholesterolMany people have the misconception that the diet to reduce cholesterol is mainly liquid in nature. This is completely wrong because there are numerous foods that you can consume which have very low percentage of cholesterol. One thing that you need to remember is that cholesterol should not be ignored completely either. A minimum of 100 milligrams of cholesterol should be consumed every day to keep the body healthy and fit. However most of te times it’s the reduction of cholesterol that’s the issue with us. You may ask which diet would be the best if you want to decrease the cholesterol level. Given below are some options that you can choose from:

• Vegetables, rice meat- these three are most important for your diet. However this does not mean that the meat will be cooked with too much oil and spices. It should be simple enough with nothing much. This would give the body a balanced diet for the whole day. Having these three for lunch will be the best. This will also keep fat away from your body.

• Soup should be one item that should be immediately added to the daily diet if you want your cholesterol to be in control or reduce in the coming days. Soups can be of different types but for those who want to reduce cholesterol, minestrone soup is highly recommended. Bread can be a great company with the soup that you will consume. A bowl of soup not only reduces the cholesterol level but also increases the daily nutrition content for the human body.

• Salads and sandwiches are other options to reduce the cholesterol level from the body. A few cucumbers can also do for a plate of salad but what about sandwiches? Chicken sandwich is always preferable in this but there should be low fat mayonnaise in and not the regular mayonnaise. This will also reduce the fat percentage and can be a wholesome food for the day.

Reduce Joint Aches

Reduce Joint AchesJoint aches are a very common phenomenon among people of the upcoming generation. Not only is joint pain a very common thing seen in aged but of late the younger generation too is prone to this periodical aches in different joints in their body.

One very important aspect to get rid of joint aches is to follow the elimination diet. In this form of dieting some foods are completely discarded from the diet of an individual till the joint ache goes or reduces and then gradually one by one these food items are slowly introduced back to the diet again. Chilli peppers have this substance in them called capasaicin which enables the release of endorphin from the body which helps to encapsulate and relieve the person from joint aches.

Joint aches can happen due to a lot of reasons, common reasons being- arthritis, sprains, gouts, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid, strains, bursitis or other injuries. In some elderly people joint aches happen due to the drying of the lubrication of the joints and the bone marrow. Joint pains are real difficult to deal with. They can be acute and can last for weeks or they can be chronic and continue to pain for months at a stretch. Showing a doctor will help you figure out the cause for which the pain is happening and thus intensive care can be focussed on that particular thing itself.
As far as medicines are concerned a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory capsule can be taken, these include naproxen, Ibuprofen and aspirin. These drugs however are not so readily available in the market due to increased risks of strokes and cardiac arrests.

Joint pains are sometimes even more enhanced during cold weather. Dehydration causes muscle cramps thus drinking lots of water is the quick solution. Keeping warm on cold days is another way to reduce joint aches considerably.

Health Benefits Of Yoga Training

Benefits Of Yoga TrainingSince years a numbers of health benefits of Yoga have been claimed. Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years and now it has stepped into the modern era with all its glory. People who practice Yoga claim to experience huge difference in physical as well as psychological state. Yoga works equally for mind, spirit, and body. And in a harmony it improves a yogi’s physical and psychological balance. Although there have been a lots of skeptic issues about the real benefits of Yoga, recently scientific studies have claimed in favor of Yoga.

If practiced for many years Yoga can improve digestive activities, immunity, energy level, endurance, and also cardiovascular efficiency. Yoga tends to solve joint problems and also supports joint and muscle health. It stabilizes nervous system, balance pulse rate, balance hormone secretion, and takes care of stomach. It lowers cholesterol level and also the blood pressure level. Moreover, Yoga improves the coordination between eye and hand. It increases reaction time as well as dexterity. Doing Yoga helps you to get more restful and sound sleep at night. Besides these physical benefits Yoga have some very important psychological benefits too. It makes a person more aware of what’s going on in his or her body and mind. Working on mind Yoga increases concentration power and memory, sharpen up learning skills and helps controlling moods. Unlike other exercise programs Yoga tends to massage your internal organs too. Some practitioners also claim that Yoga leads to delayed aging. However, this is not yet proved.

A common benefit of Yoga for both men and women is it helps you to get a perfect physique. Practicing astangik yoga helps burning a lot of calories offering both men and women a healthy fatless figure. Women gets their desired curves and men their desired muscles. So, isn’t Yoga great?

Secrets to a shaped stomach

shaped stomachAre you too eager to get yourself an envious flat tummy? Well, who doesn’t – but then some only lament while the wiser and smarter niche work hard to achieve it. If you fall on the second category then there are some hot tips that will get you your so-coveted flat belly within a brief span. The post here is a note on the tips that can get you a flat stomach, provided you are religious to them.

Jogging & brisk walking

Jogging is an excellent exercise for flat tummy. As you jog your entire body starts working out which results in high calorie burn. It’s advised that you go for minimum 30 minutes of jogging every day. You can combine jogging with brisk walking if constant jogging is too strenuous for you. You can start with jogging and opt for brisk walking in the break and then again re-start with jogging.


Crunches are most effective for getting a flat stomach. Lie down with your back resting on the ground. Now bent up your legs with feet on the ground. Place your hands behind the ears. Then, try to lift the upper part of your body, extending it to the raised knees. Follow it 20 times for your first set. As you get adapted with crunches, enhance the sets to 4-5 (20 crunch equal to one crunch set).


This is another good exercise for a flat belly. Lie with face down. Now, try to life yourself up on forearms and toes, the elbows have to be bent at ninety degrees. Keep the core muscles- the bottom and stomach- tight & legs straight. Hold on to the position for about ten seconds. Repeat the exercise thrice a day.

Lastly, get yourself a healthy balanced diet with lots of green veggies and fruits to prevent calorie gain.

Tips to follow during pregnancy

pregnancy careTo have a baby is the best feeling in the world. During the pregnancy period you should take enough care of yourself so both you and your baby are in good healthy state. While some women say that experience a glow in their appearance, some say they are just becoming weak. Both of these may be due to the pregnancy hormone progesterone. So it is very important that you take proper care of yourself during the pregnancy. Dental problems mainly bleeding from gums are very common during pregnancy. One of the main reasons behind this is the increased flow of blood in your body. It is advisable that you consult a doctor before this problem takes a serious form.

Due to increased flow of progesterone in your body, skin problems are also very normal. While in case of some women the skin becomes oily, others complain about dry and skins. So when in pregnancy you should consult a dermatologist and use prescribed ointments and lotions to keep your skin healthy and free from any serious problem.

Maintaining a healthy diet is very necessary. Consult a doctor for a proper diet chart. Don’t just maintain a diet on your own. Include fruits, green vegetables, etc in your regular diet. Be very strict about not eating whatever you get as it may affect the health of your child too. Following a strict exercise regime is very necessary because many women complain of muscle cramp and pain in legs during pregnancy. it occur due to increase n body weight. Don’t try stretching of legs on your own, always perform it under the supervision of a professional trainer so that both you and your child is in good health. You must also consult a doctor for hair problems as well because hair fall issues are also much common during pregnancy.

How to tackle sudden leg cramps

sudden leg crampsThe sudden leg cramps are not only disturbing but can be immensely painful, restricting movement to some extent. However, cramps can be tackled by a few careful steps and here is a discussion on how to overcome the problem of sudden cramps.

First of all, don’t panic when you get a cramp- a gentle massage around the affected area can give you some good relief. You must take rest for minutes and do not resume walking or any other physical activity concerning the area till the pain diminishes. You can apply a heat pack on the cramped area for 20 minutes at least as it’s a great pain reliever in these situations.

Always remember that cramps can happen due to days of inactivity which jam up the leg muscles. So, it’s needed that you practice a good exercise session daily to ensure good blood flow throughout the body that eventually eliminates any chance of cramp.

You can do hair spa at home

hair spa at homeHair spa is essential to nourish up your hair and to get back the lost rich texture and sheen. People normally go to costly beauty salons for hair spa but you can easily do it at home, saving great bucks. Here are the tips on how to do hair spa at home.

Warm up the olive oil and gently massage it on your scalp. Now take your cotton towel & soak that in lukewarm water. Squeeze out excess water from the towel and wrap it around your head post massage. Stay like for around ten minutes.

Then unwrap the towel and shampoo your hair with ample water. The water temperature should be lukewarm. Finally, its time to condition your tresses. Use a good conditioner which is compatible to your hair type. Hair spa not only brings back the lost elegance in your hair but also relieves you from a number if unwanted issues like itchy scalp or dandruff.

Tips to reduce stress and anxiety the natural way

reduce stress, health careStress, excessive tension and extreme anxiety are some of the prime reasons for causing heart attacks and cardiac arrests these days. People do not have the time to soothe their nerves and take tension whenever things do not work out as per the plan. Man today has become so used to getting everything instantly that the word patience will soon cease to exist. So people fail to handle pressure and suffer from acute stress and tension.

The easiest ways to reduce stress is by maintaining a positive attitude towards life. Every bad lesson should be taken as a learning curve and one should have faith in oneself that at the thing everything will go fine with me. Eating habits should be improved and regular exercise has to be a part of life for stress reduction. There are various breathing exercises and yoga techniques for reduction of tension. You should learn to do anything that is your favorite in times of tension like listen to music etc. This will divert your attention and calm down the nerves.

Importance and directions of cleaning your hand

Hand cleaning techniques, hand washEvery time before you are eating something, make sure you have washed your hands properly prior to toughing your food. If your hands are not cleaned properly, then you may be attacked by various infectious diseases. Sometimes, you will fall sick often due to infections. If you want to stay fit and healthy, make sure you wash your hands properly. Now the question arises how you should wash your hands.

Wash your hands with some soap. There are many hand cleaners now available in the market that you can use. If you can use some medicinal hand washer soap, then it is the best. Wash your hands properly and carefully. Not a single exposed part of your hand should be left unclean. Remove all jewelries prior to your hand cleaning so that no part is left neglected.

After cleaning your hand, dry your hand with a clean and dry towel. If you can wash your hands with lukewarm water, then it will give much more effectiveness and remove all germs from your hand. Wash your hands for a sufficiently long period of time.