Avoid having a low birth weight baby

Avoid low birth weight baby, pregnancy careA low birth weight baby is basically a new born whose body weight is below 2.5 Kg. Such babies are at high risk of several infections, low immunity, retarded mental and physical growth, deficiencies and even early deaths. Mostly premature babies are LBW babies, but poor nutrition of the mother can lead to the birth of low birth weight babies, even if they are not premature. Such cases even put the life of the mother at risk.

Such a situation can be avoided by following some things seriously when you are pregnant. Smoking and taking drugs have been found to be the secondary reasons for LBW babies.  When you are pregnant, smoking, drinking and drug abuse can not only lead to the birth of an LBW but you can even have a miscarriage r have a still born. Also there are specific nutritional needs for a pregnant woman. A normal healthy woman should gain 12 kilos during pregnancy. So the food intake should be optimum for the mother’s body, the baby and for the placental growth as well. Consult a doctor to get a personalized diet chart.