Steps of Properly Brushing your Teeth

Women Brushing her Teeth

Brushing your Teeth tips

Use the most of the time you spend on oral care. The importance of brushing your teeth on a daily base will help you knowing its benefits. Only brushing your teeth is not important. We all are in a hurry to rush to the office but brushing your teeth in a right ways will take hardly 10 minutes of your day. Don’t know you are brushing in a right way or wrong one? If not brushing your teeth in a correct way, you are not taking careful steps for taking care of your teeth. From making the circular movements, using the brush to the cleaning of tongue, it is all important for not facing any gum bleed issues in future.

Simple step by step guide for ensuring the accurate way of brushing your teeth are described:

  1. First step is to purchase and buy a tooth brush that has soft nylon bristles. It should easily fit in your hand and should be comfortable enough while using. Brush should be small in size that can reach to all extend in your mouth. Natural Bristle brushes should be avoided because it can cause harbor bacteria in your mouth.
  2. The current tooth brush is worn out and not in a good condition, replacing it should be done immediately. It is advisable of replacing a tooth brush automatically after every four months.
  3. Tooth paste containing the ingredient namely fluoride is beneficial while brushing your teeth. It helps in cleaning your teeth correctly and strengthens your enamel. If you are not oaky with it, find the tooth paste suitable to your teeth and mouth.
  4. Flossing is important before brushing your teeth. It helps in cleaning and removing any food between the teeth and from the cracks. Floss helps in opening the space to brush and clean well.
  5. Don’t use too much of tooth paste while brushing your teeth. Squeeze approximately a pea sized paste to encourage your process of cleaning your teeth.
  6. It is important to note the measurements of brushing your teeth. Place the tooth brush at 45 degree to the gum line. Brushing your teeth in upward position is a right way. Brushing side by side should be avoided. It can harm your teeth and might not even clean it properly.
  7. Spend at least 4 minutes for brushing your teeth. It helps in cleaning your mouth equally from all the corners and sections of the mouth.
  8. Don’t forget to brush the top surface and the back of the teeth. Brushing the tongue is equally important, doesn’t brush it hard but be gentle while doing it.
  9. Rinse the mouth thoroughly after brushing your teeth. It is important to cover the head of your tooth brush for not spoiling or getting damaged.
  10. Using a mouthwash is also helpful for enjoying a fresh and refreshing morning with best way of brushing your teeth. Selecta mouth wash that is suitable to your mouth.


Tips on Whitening your Teeth at Home

Tips on Whitening your Teeth at HomeIt is not considered to be a compulsion that you need to go for the doctor for getting your teeth to be whitened. You can get whitened your teeth at home also which is considered to be more elastic and favourable for the person. Not only that, it is also considered to be cheap of complying with the process of whitening your teeth at home because if you will concern the dentist than he will charge up his fees as he is being professional but if you will go for complying with the process of whitening your teeth at home than it is going to be beneficial for you because as such no expenditure will take place. Mark my words, the further discussed information will help you in getting the prefect analysis of the things which you need in the matters of going for whitening your teeth at home.

Well, there are many tips which can help you in going for whitening your teeth at home which you can easily comply with as the things which you are going to need are easily available at your home. Let me inform you that al the tips are being naturally used which can help you in not getting with any of the side effects. Make the use of strawberries, flossing your teeth regularly, make the use of baking soda, etc. and many more of the things which are considered to be important and which can be considered to be the tips on whitening your teeth at home.

Tips on whitening your teeth at home

  • The most common type of tip which you can go for easily at your home at the time of complying with the process of whitening your teeth at home is the use of strawberries. It is being scientifically proved that strawberries helps in making your teeth whitened because it comprise of vitamin C and malic acid which helps you teeth is getting white. You can go for mashing few of the strawberries and applying or rubbing the mixture on your teeth for twice a week will prove you up with the results. Not only that but you can also allow it to chew and getting it brushed on its own.
  • Take a bowl and get the mixture of lemon and baking soda. Baking soda helps you in making those dull teeth again whitened and if lemon is being added to it than it is going to impress you up with its results. It is also considered to be one of the most popular type of natural remedies which you can consider as the whitening your teeth at home. Both the ingredients are considered to be supper effective for the users who are planning of using it for their teeth.
  • Another tip which can help you in going for whitening your teeth at home is flossing your teeth. Many of the dentists suggest of using floss because it helps in your teeth to be freshen and perfect while going for it twice a day which is considered to be in the benefits of the individual.

Teeth whitening- is it safe

Teeth whitening, teeth careThere is nothing that enhances one’s look and self confidence like a beautiful smile. Today there are more than a hundred ways to correct bad teeth-like invisible braces, teeth whitening, plastic surgery, advanced crowning, teeth filing and dentures which can help one feel good abut himself or herself once again. Teeth whitening are something which people are opting for a lot. Youngsters tend to be more inclined to buy home tooth whitening products but this is very unsafe. These home products use a lot of chemicals to enhance instant brightness which should be avoided.

That is why one should always go to a dentist and first get his or her teeth checked. Depending upon that, the dentist will tell you which products are safe for you. Teeth whitening sessions are also a good and safe option, given it’s done by a reputed dentist. Some of these sessions may last up to 6 to 8 months and some are meant to be completed within a few days as well.