How to deal with psychotic disorder

psychotic disorder, psychotherapyThe psychotic disorders can occur to anyone. There are various reasons behind the occurrence of the psychotic disorder. But whenever you see any psychotic disorder in anyone close to you, you need to know how to deal with that thing. Some people suffering from hallucination due to over dose of drugs may suffer from psychotic disorder. Also when a person is not able to overcome some sudden shock or some incident which has moved him from inside then also he may become psycho.

The very first thing you have to keep in mind that persons suffering from these things are not in their normal conditions and so you should always try and mix with them as someone who is the same state as they are. If you can mix with them as a friend and understand what they are exactly going through, then it will not be a problem for you to take them out of that particular situation. You have to deal with these persons very gently. Any harsh step may prove to be fatal.

How to counsel a suicidal relative at home

suicidal councelling, psychotherapySuicide is a sorry sight and if anyone in your family or relatives attempts this then it is all the more disappointing. It must be an awkward moment to face that person who has committed suicide but somehow survived and you have to counsel that person and unfortunately he turns out to be one of your relatives. Now you cannot obviously turn him down when he has come to get counseled.

So how will you start? The basic step is to talk about normal things in the beginning like how he is and what he would like to have. This makes a friendly atmosphere and he will be able to talk freely to you. When the initial talks are over you should ask about what his problems are and why did he decided to take such a step. Listening to the person is the most important job because a person commits suicide when he gets frustrated and cannot talk his heart out.