Ayurveda Tips for Skin Aging

Girl applying Skin Aging paste

Ayurveda Skin Aging tips

Anxiety and stress are two of the big reasons for facing skin aging. It seems a problem for one and all. Blame it on the junk food, the eating habits and incompatible diets. Even environmental impinge; modernized sedentary ways of living and food adulteration are also considered to be important factors of accelerating the speed of skin aging. The signs of skin aging have become deluding and obvious these days. If you are going through skin aging phase, you will observe certain symptoms like early greying of hair, dark circle below the eyes, wrinkled and dry skin, over weight and flabby skin. Before you plan to undergo any cosmetic or synthetic means for skin aging, grab the knowledge about the benefits of Ayurveda. Ayurveda offers you with healthy and beautiful skin that helps in slowing down the process of skin aging.

Tips on skin aging:

When the sign of physical and mental deterioration is observed, it seems to hamper of slow down the process of skin aging. Ayurveda offers best results but the results are slow. Basically, Ayurveda emphasis more on the following a proper diet and lifestyle. Exercise, normal lifestyle and adequate amount of sleep are considered to be the core aspects in Ayurveda.

Diet Ayurveda tips for skin aging:

Great focus is made by Ayurveda on imbibing the right balance of exercise, sleep and diet. These three factors lead a great way for keeping your healthy, vibrant and happy in all the stages of life. Ayurveda suggests the daily food intake should preferably have hygienic and freshly cooked food, easily digestive and appealing to your taste buds.

Minimizing the intake of fried foods, spicy meals, caffeine rich food items and cold drinks is advisable for reducing the effects of skin aging. Nutritious and vegetarian Ayurveda cuisine is available for not facing the situation of skin aging.

Lifestyle Ayurveda tips for skin aging:

Including optimum exercise time zone in your daily routine is advisable while opting Ayurveda tips for reducing skin aging. Exercise offers and helps to keep you more active, elastic and away from systematic aliments. Keep in mind about your tolerance level and strength and opt for that exercise that is suitable to your health and physic. A rough walk of miles early in the morning is a better option of exercise.

Performing Yoga and pranayama are fruitful for making yourself stress free and healthy. Deep breathing techniques sound to be a great help for keeping your kin glowing and healthy. The reason behind reducing skin aging is due to better lifestyle. Because of these exercises, internal massage of all the vital organs gets improved and offers secretions of endocrine glands.

Making yoga as a habit and repeating it daily offers you to be still young and graceful. Learning best yoga techniques helps you in managing your lifestyle that is especially designed for skin aging. Yoga helps in keeping mind as well as body to be relaxed and stress free while facing the situation of skin aging.




How To Get Rid Of Dark Circle Using Cucumber

Reduce Dark Circle, skin careDark circles occur normally under the eyes and can be very embarrassing and annoying. But they are not a matter of serious medical concern. Still whenever you get dark circles, you should take it seriously to do away with these dark circles seriously. There are many cosmetic products in the market which can cure this dark circle problem. At least most of them claim to do so. But then these products are very much expensive and may not be affordable for everyone.

In such cases, you can go for the homemade solutions to treat the dark circles. Cucumber a very good skin treatment component can remove the dark circles when used for a specific period of time. You can grind the juice of the cucumber and apply it to your face and leave it as it for a few hours so that the skin can absorb it completely. After that, wash the skin with water only. Doing this for two weeks or more can remove the dark circles completely from under your eyes.

Skin aging: Under eye skin care

Natural skin care, anti aging treatmentsAgeing is inevitable. Ageing happens to all organs in a human body. Skin ages too. Some ageing factors are increased by natural factors. One such is skin ageing, this is increased by exposure to sunlight. There are various methods available to mask the ageing process and decrease the speed of ageing process. Other than sunlight there are some other factors that speeds up skin ageing are…
• Smoking cigarettes, prolonged exposure to cigar smoke increases the skin ageing and dryness.
• Due to less or No exercise. Regular exercise makes a human happy with lots of energy.
• Extended alcohol usage damages blood vessels, and this affects the skin as well.
Care tips for your skin under eyes?
• The cold compress can be placed to keep the skin cool.
• Can apply vitamin E oil to protect from UV rays.
• Take lots of fluids.
• Sleep well.
Protect naturally and live longer.

Treating a bad sun burn

Cure sun burn, skin careSun burns can be a really annoying and frustrating. A severe sun burn can actually be very painful and sometimes painkillers have to be taken. To help you cope with a bad sun burn there are a few methods which can help cure it. First of all, apply tap water to the burnt area. But be careful not to rub the area. There are many creams which work good on burns. Apply that cream gently over the area several times a day.

When the burn is a little less sore apply cold compressions. Not only will the pain be less but also you will heal faster. If you want a natural remedy, then apply Aloe Vera gel to the wound when it starts healing. Never apply it on sore, raw skin. You can take some over the counter drugs if you are in pain. These can help you get some relief for the time being.

Is it possible to prevent wrinkles?

Tips to cure wrinkles, skin care tipsAs you all know that prevention is always better than cure. So in the case of wrinkles too this proverb is applicable. The cost of fixing a problem is much more than the cost of preventing it. Therefore if you take care of wrinkles from the beginning you will not get them at all. Now what are the possible ways to prevent wrinkles? First and foremost you must check the exposure of your skin to direct sunlight.

If it is compulsory to go out during the daytime then you must wear clothes that protect most of your skin and along with that you can use sunscreen lotions or creams too. Having a dry skin is one of the main reasons for having wrinkles. Therefore you must use a good moisturizer that will keep your skin oily and please avoid smoking. It dries up your skin very quickly than you think.

Cosmetic surgery aftercare

Post operative care, care after surgeryThere are two options of recovering after a cosmetic surgery. You choose to recover yourself staying in the hospital or you could choose to go home and take care of yourself. It usually takes a week to recover after a cosmetic surgery. If you go home, you will be able to save a lot of money. However, if you choose to stay in the hospital, you will be attended by the nurses and they ensure a fast and proper recovery.

The environment in the hospital is cleaner and safer and the chances of getting complications or infections are less. However, it may be a bit boring to stay in the hospital after the surgery. If you want to go home and take care of yourself, you have to stick to certain rule. It is very important that you take your medications on time. You should avoid doing things that are strenuous.

How to heal after a liposuction

Care after liposuction, fat reductionBeing resistant to diet and exercise makes a huge chunk of fats get deposited in the body. The removal of those fats from the body by performing a cosmetic procedure officially designed to remove fat is called liposuction or “lipo’. Laser, ultrasound, super wet, tumescent, and power-assisted technique are used by the surgeons to loosen the body contained fats. Thereafter it is removed from the body. It may be carried out under general anaesthesia or local anaesthesia.

The days just after liposuction might very easily turn out to be messy. Leakage is possible from the port sites or small holes left by the fat removing devise. It is advised to put on absorbent pads to avoid stains. After liposuction swelling and bruising is possible. The completion of liposuction is thought to take almost six months. Wearing a compression garment is helpful to reduce swelling. Certainly follow the post operation instructions that the doctor instructs as the doctor alone knows the best way to heal it quickly.

Protect your skin from the sun

Skin care tips, protect skin from sunMajority of the skin cancers could be prevented. Try to use the following tips to shield your skin from the severe sun. You may diminish the chances of developing your skin cancer and also prevent wrinkles.

Avoid severe sun exposure

The best manner to prevent the sunburn is to fight against sun exposure by avoiding it.
Stay away from the midday sun (10 am to 4 pm), when the sun is the strongest. Find and use shade when you are outdoors.

Few more ways to protect your skin from the scotching sun includes putting up protective clothing:
1. Hats 10 cm, brims which will cover the neck, eyes, ears and scalp.
2. Tightly-woven and loose-fitting, clothing that will cover both legs and arms.
3. Clothing made with sun protective fabric.
4. Teach children about the ABCs, to protect and prevent their skin from being sunburned.
5. UV protected sunglasses, to protect the eyes from any damage which might lead to the disorder cataracts.
o A = Away. Stay away from the sun in the centre of the day (10am to 4pm).
o B = Block. Try to use a sunscreen with sun protection factor15 or higher as to protect babies’ and children’s have sensitive skin.
o C = Cover up. Put on clothing that will cover the skin, the hats having wide brims, and UV protected sunglasses. Even children of 1 year should wear sunglasses which have UV protection.
o S = Speak out. Spread the word and make people aware to protect their respective skins from severe sun damage.

Use of bleach on a regular basis can harm skin

Skin care tips, disadvantages of bleachBleaching creams have been popular ever since the day people had the impression that fair skin was the most advantageous. Bleaching creams these days are more popular among women then men who worry themselves sick about their complexion. As the popularity of these creams grew, their dangerous side-effects came into view.

One of the few major components of bleach is hydroquinone, mercurous chloride and ammoniated mercury. These chemicals have potential carcinogenic powers that increase the risk of skin cancer among those who resort to bleaching regularly. Other major side effects include kidney failure, increased sensitivity of the skin, skin exfoliation and low weight of the baby of the user.

It is for this reason that these chemicals have been banned in large doses in most countries and most are discouraged from going for a bleaching treatment. Bleaching cream decides the protective chemical in the skin Melanin, thereby making the skin over sensitive and vulnerable.

How to treat darkened lips

treat darkened lips, lips careIt’s never too late to take care of yourself and one should always make sure that they look presentable and decent in front of others. A good first impression can do wonders and it certainly does not help if you have chapped and dark lips. One of the main causes of dark lips is smoking and this applies to both men and women. However, following these few tips, one can lighten the darkness and regain their former lip texture without much hassle and worries.

One can exfoliate their lips every night after brushing with the help of a toothbrush as this would help in the removal of dead skin. A mixture of almond oil and lemon juice can be put every night before going to sleep to help regain the former texture of the lips. For women those who use lipstick, it is advised that they use branded ones and use only those which suit their skin. and finally, quitting smoking always helps as there is not one productive output that comes from smoking.