Causes of bleeding nose

Causes of bleeding nose, health careBleeding of the nose is a very common problem and there could be a lot of different reasons for such a problem. One of the most common reasons for such a problem is allergy to certain medication meant for pain. There are certain medications like, Motrin, Bufferin, Advil, Aleve and Anacin that may cause allergy to certain people leading to bleeding of the nose.

The problem may be a cause of abnormal growth of veins inside the nose’ lining. There are many blood vessels inside the nose and they may lie quite close to each other for some people. In such cases, the vessels could be ruptured with a very light pressure causing the problem of a bleeding nose. You may have a case of bleeding nose if you are hit in a fight or bang against a solid object. The problem may also be caused by head colds. Bleeding nose can be caused by excessive picking of the nose as well.