Causes of Ear Bleed

Causes of Ear Bleed, ear carePeople of any age can suffer from a bleeding ear. There are many reasons why a person can have this kind of a condition. It could be due to any kind of ear inflammation or infection. A sudden trauma can lead to rupture of the ear drum which could be the cause of the bleed. A condition called the Otitis Externa can also be the reason of the bleeding. This basically happens when there is some kind of inflammation in the external part of the auditory canal.

The discharge from the ear may also contain pus, wax and other fluids along with blood due to any of the above mentioned causes. Many of these traumas may occur if the ear is jabbed with some foreign object. Ear cleaning buds also might cause such accidents if the cleaning is done roughly and the person accidently perforates or jabs a part of the ear inside.