Dealing with sinus congestion

sinus congestion, sinusDealing with sinus congestion properly is a very important thing. If you have tendency of sinus then you should take proper care of yourself. Persons having tendencies of frequent sinus congestion should not stay for long outside under the sun. It may prove to be immense harmful for them. At certain times it may lead to serious condition even leading to the need of admitting in a hospital. Try to cover your face and head as much as possible from the sun so that you don’t suffer from sinus congestion much.

Also don’t forget to carry medicines with you always so that you can take it whenever the emergency arises. Consult your doctor if you are suffering from congestion regularly and follow his advice. If your sinus congestion takes serious shape then it advisable to follow the doctor’s advice rather than going for self medication. It should not be taken too lightly and should be treated with utmost care.