Folic acid supplements for pregnant women

Supplements for pregnant women, care during pregnancyAre you carrying your first child? And wondering what are the foods to take in order to maintain the balance of folic acid in your body? Well then check out this article minutely and get all the information. Folic acid which is also known as vitamin B9 is a very important for the pregnant women and they should take this vitamin on a regular basis as folic acid has got several benefits.

Folic acid or vitamin B9 helps is developing the brain tissues; spinal cord of a baby and a pregnant woman must take these vitamin 400 grams every day. As a result of lack of folic acid in the body of a pregnant woman the baby might have different bodily defects while it is in the mother’s womb.
Green apples, green vegetables like beans, broccoli have folic acid contents for in large quantities therefore all these should be taken by a woman who is carrying a baby.