Foods To Reduce Cholesterol

Reduce CholesterolMany people have the misconception that the diet to reduce cholesterol is mainly liquid in nature. This is completely wrong because there are numerous foods that you can consume which have very low percentage of cholesterol. One thing that you need to remember is that cholesterol should not be ignored completely either. A minimum of 100 milligrams of cholesterol should be consumed every day to keep the body healthy and fit. However most of te times it’s the reduction of cholesterol that’s the issue with us. You may ask which diet would be the best if you want to decrease the cholesterol level. Given below are some options that you can choose from:

• Vegetables, rice meat- these three are most important for your diet. However this does not mean that the meat will be cooked with too much oil and spices. It should be simple enough with nothing much. This would give the body a balanced diet for the whole day. Having these three for lunch will be the best. This will also keep fat away from your body.

• Soup should be one item that should be immediately added to the daily diet if you want your cholesterol to be in control or reduce in the coming days. Soups can be of different types but for those who want to reduce cholesterol, minestrone soup is highly recommended. Bread can be a great company with the soup that you will consume. A bowl of soup not only reduces the cholesterol level but also increases the daily nutrition content for the human body.

• Salads and sandwiches are other options to reduce the cholesterol level from the body. A few cucumbers can also do for a plate of salad but what about sandwiches? Chicken sandwich is always preferable in this but there should be low fat mayonnaise in and not the regular mayonnaise. This will also reduce the fat percentage and can be a wholesome food for the day.