How to handle your baby’s nappy rash

Tips to care for baby’s nappy rash, baby careBabies have extremely sensitive skin and therefore nappy rashes are very common in them. And the sensitivity of the skin makes it difficult to take care of these rashes as well. However, nappy rashes are annoying and therefore should be handled properly. The best thing to do is consult your pediatrician immediately. He will recommend an ointment for the rashes and ensure that your baby is not allergic to it.

If your baby has severe nappy rashes then you must use damp rag or paper towels Baby wipes might sting and make the rashes more severe. You can also ask your pharmacist about what can be used to handle the nappy rashes. Some people recommend that soaps should not be used on nappy rashes; you are advised to abstain from using soaps. There are certain oils that help in handling nappy rashes, you can try using them. Using of multiple methods can help your handle nappy rashes really well.