How to heal after a liposuction

Care after liposuction, fat reductionBeing resistant to diet and exercise makes a huge chunk of fats get deposited in the body. The removal of those fats from the body by performing a cosmetic procedure officially designed to remove fat is called liposuction or “lipo’. Laser, ultrasound, super wet, tumescent, and power-assisted technique are used by the surgeons to loosen the body contained fats. Thereafter it is removed from the body. It may be carried out under general anaesthesia or local anaesthesia.

The days just after liposuction might very easily turn out to be messy. Leakage is possible from the port sites or small holes left by the fat removing devise. It is advised to put on absorbent pads to avoid stains. After liposuction swelling and bruising is possible. The completion of liposuction is thought to take almost six months. Wearing a compression garment is helpful to reduce swelling. Certainly follow the post operation instructions that the doctor instructs as the doctor alone knows the best way to heal it quickly.