How to tackle sudden leg cramps

sudden leg crampsThe sudden leg cramps are not only disturbing but can be immensely painful, restricting movement to some extent. However, cramps can be tackled by a few careful steps and here is a discussion on how to overcome the problem of sudden cramps.

First of all, don’t panic when you get a cramp- a gentle massage around the affected area can give you some good relief. You must take rest for minutes and do not resume walking or any other physical activity concerning the area till the pain diminishes. You can apply a heat pack on the cramped area for 20 minutes at least as it’s a great pain reliever in these situations.

Always remember that cramps can happen due to days of inactivity which jam up the leg muscles. So, it’s needed that you practice a good exercise session daily to ensure good blood flow throughout the body that eventually eliminates any chance of cramp.