How to treat darkened lips

treat darkened lips, lips careIt’s never too late to take care of yourself and one should always make sure that they look presentable and decent in front of others. A good first impression can do wonders and it certainly does not help if you have chapped and dark lips. One of the main causes of dark lips is smoking and this applies to both men and women. However, following these few tips, one can lighten the darkness and regain their former lip texture without much hassle and worries.

One can exfoliate their lips every night after brushing with the help of a toothbrush as this would help in the removal of dead skin. A mixture of almond oil and lemon juice can be put every night before going to sleep to help regain the former texture of the lips. For women those who use lipstick, it is advised that they use branded ones and use only those which suit their skin. and finally, quitting smoking always helps as there is not one productive output that comes from smoking.