Protect your skin from the sun

Skin care tips, protect skin from sunMajority of the skin cancers could be prevented. Try to use the following tips to shield your skin from the severe sun. You may diminish the chances of developing your skin cancer and also prevent wrinkles.

Avoid severe sun exposure

The best manner to prevent the sunburn is to fight against sun exposure by avoiding it.
Stay away from the midday sun (10 am to 4 pm), when the sun is the strongest. Find and use shade when you are outdoors.

Few more ways to protect your skin from the scotching sun includes putting up protective clothing:
1. Hats 10 cm, brims which will cover the neck, eyes, ears and scalp.
2. Tightly-woven and loose-fitting, clothing that will cover both legs and arms.
3. Clothing made with sun protective fabric.
4. Teach children about the ABCs, to protect and prevent their skin from being sunburned.
5. UV protected sunglasses, to protect the eyes from any damage which might lead to the disorder cataracts.
o A = Away. Stay away from the sun in the centre of the day (10am to 4pm).
o B = Block. Try to use a sunscreen with sun protection factor15 or higher as to protect babies’ and children’s have sensitive skin.
o C = Cover up. Put on clothing that will cover the skin, the hats having wide brims, and UV protected sunglasses. Even children of 1 year should wear sunglasses which have UV protection.
o S = Speak out. Spread the word and make people aware to protect their respective skins from severe sun damage.