Skin aging: Under eye skin care

Natural skin care, anti aging treatmentsAgeing is inevitable. Ageing happens to all organs in a human body. Skin ages too. Some ageing factors are increased by natural factors. One such is skin ageing, this is increased by exposure to sunlight. There are various methods available to mask the ageing process and decrease the speed of ageing process. Other than sunlight there are some other factors that speeds up skin ageing are…
• Smoking cigarettes, prolonged exposure to cigar smoke increases the skin ageing and dryness.
• Due to less or No exercise. Regular exercise makes a human happy with lots of energy.
• Extended alcohol usage damages blood vessels, and this affects the skin as well.
Care tips for your skin under eyes?
• The cold compress can be placed to keep the skin cool.
• Can apply vitamin E oil to protect from UV rays.
• Take lots of fluids.
• Sleep well.
Protect naturally and live longer.