Symptoms And Cure Of Pneumonia

Symptoms Of Pneumonia, PneumoniaPneumonia is an acute infection of lung. Due to presence of bacteria, fluids like pus fill the alveoli of the lung making it difficult for the process of free flow of air in to the lungs. This affects the pulmonary passage severely and the cells of the body cannot function properly due to the lack of oxygen. This produces symptoms like dizziness, headache, lack of appetite, fatigue and excessive sweating, eventually leading to pneumonia.

It is very important to avail a proper treatment and care to cure Pneumonia, cause in some cases it can even lead to death. Diagnosis of this disease is done with X-rays and blood work up. Different kinds of Pneumonia require different kinds of treatment. Mostly the cure involves intake of antibiotics like Azithromycin, for a particular period of time. The duration and power of the medicine depends on the age and severity of the disease.