Taking Care of Yourself after Knee Surgery

Knee Surgery, health careIf you are recovering from a knee surgery, there are a few things which you can try out at home to recover faster with least amount of pain. You should apply hot and cold packs on the knee when you are at home. You might not have a lot of strength in your knees so moving around and sitting down could be a hindrance. That’s why you need to start practicing walking around at home. You could use some support and gain back your strength gradually. Healing from knee surgery can be a slow process so have patience.

You should also take some prescribed painkillers to keep the pain under control. Take garlic and ginger based food daily along with honey and warm water as well. These elements have great healing properties which might help in faster recovery. Take a nutritious diet and also increase your protein and calcium intake. Do the exercises which have been prescribed to you by your doctor.