Treating a bad sun burn

Cure sun burn, skin careSun burns can be a really annoying and frustrating. A severe sun burn can actually be very painful and sometimes painkillers have to be taken. To help you cope with a bad sun burn there are a few methods which can help cure it. First of all, apply tap water to the burnt area. But be careful not to rub the area. There are many creams which work good on burns. Apply that cream gently over the area several times a day.

When the burn is a little less sore apply cold compressions. Not only will the pain be less but also you will heal faster. If you want a natural remedy, then apply Aloe Vera gel to the wound when it starts healing. Never apply it on sore, raw skin. You can take some over the counter drugs if you are in pain. These can help you get some relief for the time being.