Use of bleach on a regular basis can harm skin

Skin care tips, disadvantages of bleachBleaching creams have been popular ever since the day people had the impression that fair skin was the most advantageous. Bleaching creams these days are more popular among women then men who worry themselves sick about their complexion. As the popularity of these creams grew, their dangerous side-effects came into view.

One of the few major components of bleach is hydroquinone, mercurous chloride and ammoniated mercury. These chemicals have potential carcinogenic powers that increase the risk of skin cancer among those who resort to bleaching regularly. Other major side effects include kidney failure, increased sensitivity of the skin, skin exfoliation and low weight of the baby of the user.

It is for this reason that these chemicals have been banned in large doses in most countries and most are discouraged from going for a bleaching treatment. Bleaching cream decides the protective chemical in the skin Melanin, thereby making the skin over sensitive and vulnerable.