What are paramedic blood warmers?

Paramedic blood warmers, blood warmerIt is very important to get infusions at the time of an injury of serious nature. The common maladies that are associated with injury are pain, dehydration and loss of blood. IV fluids are very helpful in the treatment of these diseases. There is another problem known as the hypothermia. It can be caused because of brain injuries, blood loss and exposing you to cold temperature and overdose of drugs.

You will need a blood warmer in this case. There are certain models which may take as much as eighty minutes to get heated but the modes that are efficient should not take more than seventy five seconds. It should not take a warmer more than two minutes to get functional for infusion administering. Different models have different weights. Some of them have batteries attached to them that make them heavier than the rest. While choosing the warmers the flow arte has to be checked.